TDC 20

Assignment:  Take a photo where movement of the camera creates an interesting blur effect.


To be honest, I had taken this set of photos previously while driving home one night, but I thought it was okay for me to cheat a little today since I’ve already done 3 other TDCs this week. 🙂  What’s amazing, though, is that I was already searching through this set of photos to use in another post before I even saw today’s TDC assignment.  *cue Twilight theme music here*


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0 Responses to TDC 20

  1. lindamckenna says:

    “Footloose watermark?”

    LOL It does look like a shoe. I think it was a star. 🙂

  2. Brian Brown says:

    Love the shapes. How did the glowing shoe get in the sky? Footloose watermark?