The Fall of Man…and Cat – Fat Cats Make Art Better (2 stars)

Visual Assignment 334: Using this site: as a platform for ideas, and using Photoshop (or something like it) as your tool, place a fat cat into a photo of a classic art piece. The goal is to make it convincing: make the art become on with the cat.

I decided to try the fat cat assignment.  I got the images from here and here.  Hahaha.  I couldn’t stop laughing while doing it.  🙂

Here’s a bit of Michaelangelo for your enjoyment.   Tutorial on how to add a drop shadow can be found here.

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0 Responses to The Fall of Man…and Cat – Fat Cats Make Art Better (2 stars)

  1. linda says:

    Thank you, Zarathustra! I checked out your cat site, and it’s impressive! 🙂

  2. Zarathustra says:

    oh, this fat cat is in harmony with original painting colours, nicely done, We are pleased. Just a little advice: to make cracks on the cat you can use Photoshop texture filter, they have craquelure. or make your own)

  3. Tiffany says:

    Nice choice of painting, very unique and I like the style the painter usues and the cat blends right in. Nicely done.

  4. linda says:

    Isn’t he though? And notice how only the cat got preserved perfectly without any cracks!! Ha! 🙂

  5. linda says:

    Thanks, Giulia! Yes…these bigs days of DS106 will surely cause “The Fall of GPA.” *sigh*

  6. Alan Levine says:

    Where’s the cat?

    So blended in, that Michaelangelo is one talented painter.

  7. Jim Groom says:

    I’m with Giulia,
    I almost missed the cat. So good!

  8. Feng Chen says:

    This is beautiful, Linda! But having seen the fat cat in the corner.. hahah makes it all the more enjoyable 🙂 Good night!

  9. Giulia says:

    This assignment is hilarious. You did an excellent job. I’m pretty tired but I actually had to do a double take to find the cat. LOL. I love it. Great stuff. Get rest. We have a big day of DS106 tomorrow! And the next day..and…