Tutorial: How to add a drop shadow on Photoshop CS4

For my “Fat Cat” visual assignment, I got the images from here and here.

I think most people know the various ways to select a portion of one image and copy/paste it into another.  So I decided to post a tutorial on how to add a drop shadow on the pasted image to make it more convincing, which some of you may not know how to do.

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0 Responses to Tutorial: How to add a drop shadow on Photoshop CS4

  1. Feng Chen says:

    Great Linda! Also, more photoshop tutorials please! (I’m probably one of the few that doesn’t know how to copy and paste images…)

  2. Linda … You are amazing! Not only are you completing assignments at an accelerated pace, you are taking the time to demonstrate on video how to tweak drop shadows.

    As one who is a “newbie” to Photoshop Elements (which I understand is a watered-down version of the product you use), I never realized there were so many subtle aspects to a painting.

    Thank you for sharing this video. Although it will not exactly fit with the tools that I have in PSE, I at least now know of the potential and can search for “drop shadows in Photoshop Elements” on Google to get specifics for my software.

    I won’t ramble on too much ’cause I’m sure you want to be creating rather than reading.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian