Just for funsies: After-the-fact visual assignment

…and a shameless display of a mother’s pride in her son’s good looks!! 😛

This was Visual Assignment 66, which was to find a celebrity look-alike for someone you know, and I came up with this.  But being from the Korean culture where it’s a faux pas to brag about yourself or your children, I had decided not to post it.  I struggle with my cultural tween-ness all the time, which gets extremely annoying.  It’s like getting a brain whiplash from jerking back and forth between two different mindsets.  But this was sitting in my finished assignments folder, and I finally thought why not?  So here it is.   I have not tagged it, since it’s after-the-fact and past the due date, and I already have my 10 stars.

You may not know this celebrity, but his name is Daniel Henney and he’s a huge celebrity in South Korea.  My friends are always telling me that my son looks like him.  Ha!  This photo was taken just before his performance in his high school production of Hair Spray, the musical.  He was Link Larkin. 🙂


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0 Responses to Just for funsies: After-the-fact visual assignment

  1. linda says:

    Thanks, Annie! 🙂

  2. Annie Belle says:

    OH MY GOD. LITERAL TWINS. And I love your cultural tween-ness. :0) The Korean culture is VASTLY different than “American culture” (and I’ll spare you my sociological analysis of how ‘American culture’ is really White culture.) Anyway, they look SO much alike!! Perfect!

  3. Jim Groom says:

    It is all about the jaw-line!