This Old Doctor: Really (not) Reality TV

Designment Assignment 342:  Really Reality TV – Follow this formula to create your own reality TV show for the ds106 Network.

This assignment sounded like a lot of fun and a good one to start the design week off with, so here we go!  Onward with design week!

The Product:

The 100-year-old doctor still makes house calls.  He must, explains Dr. Fred Goldman.  That’s where the patients are.  “If they’re sick and can’t leave home,” he said, “I go to see them.”

Remember, it’s your body; choose wisely what you put into it. Also, find a good doctor to partner with who will cooperatively address your health care concerns. And, take responsibility for your personal wellness by being an awesome, proactive patient.


Don’t miss the premiere of “This Old Doctor” and watch him in action.  Follow the Doc as he makes house calls to restore youth to his aging patients by treating them with his mysterious preserves of unknown origin.

You’ll have to read to the end of this post to find the inside scoop.  Muhahahahaha.

The Process:

I got the following name of the show from here.

Then I googled the name to get the fifth and tenth search items.  The fifth didn’t work out, so I decided to go with the 6th instead.  I used the first paragraph of the 6th search result and the last paragraph of the 10th result for the show description, then made up the tagline.


I had the hardest time finding the images:  I searched for and found the following Creative Commons images in Flickr.  The links are attached to the images.

Found these with the phrase “this old doctor”:

Then I found this with the term “surgery”:

I played around with the “fx” in the layers window to add inner shadow and outer glow to the two images on the left side of the ad.


After that, an idea started brewing, and I searched the term “canned fruit.”  I will use these to depict preserved human organs.


The Concept:

An old surgeon who has performed hundreds of surgeries throughout his career has preserved all the diseased organs and other parts removed from his patients.  He discovers that these fermented organs are a miracle cure for aging.  And the rest is hist…I mean, a reality TV show. 🙂


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0 Responses to This Old Doctor: Really (not) Reality TV

  1. linda says:

    Omg, Brian! That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me!!! Thank you!!! Design and photography has always been my love and what gets my blood pumping, but I’ve been intimidated because of my lack of skills and my fear of embarrassing myself. That is, until DS106. YAY for DS106!!!! 🙂 Thank you soooooo much for you encouragement!!

  2. Awesome Job Linda! For a somewhat “experienced” student you certainly are raising the bar and doing us “older” participants proud!

    Thanks for sharing your creative journey with others who are “running to keep up with you”!

    I am amazed at your Photoshop talents and your “eye” for balance and design. However, when I look at your blog layout and read about your domain name choice, I can understand that within you lies “creativity” just fighting to erupt.

    Thanks for sharing your creative talents with the rest of us, as you continue on your journey as a life-long-learner.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

  3. linda says:

    Thank you! But being a perfectionist, I keep finding myself editing it over and over even after the fact. “The tag line is missing, the wording isn’t quite right, the font size is wrong, the images are off balance, etc. etc. etc…” Let it go, Linda, Let. it. go. And breathe. Ohm………….

  4. Alan Levine says:

    Like the Professor of Noise sez, “rad” – you have done this assignment so well and documented it. Awesome.

    “This Old Doctor” has legs and will put House to sleep.

  5. Fully realized and awesome.