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Ugh! Sound Week!  This was my least favorite week thus far.  I have very little experience with sound editing, and by little I mean none.   Up until now, my assignments took longer than necessary because of my perfectionism, but sound is a different story.  Everything this week is taking much longer because I have no earthly idea what I’m doing.  I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to learn just the very basics on both Garage Band and Audacity.

This is my sound effects story that I managed to put together after many hours of moaning and cursing:

Initially, I posted this version:

Then after getting some suggestions from Jim Groom during class, I decided to spend some more time trying to make it better.  Here’s a new and improved version:

What do you think?  Better? 🙂

I found all of my sound effects for this story on

It is an amazing site where people share their sound files.  I found the following sounds for this story:


Running down the stairs:

Heart beat:

Open and close door:

Footsteps on floor:

Bomb explosion 1:

Bomb explosion 2:


I used Audacity to put the project together.  I found out that the “import” option creates a new layer of sound on the same file, and the “open” option opens the sound in another window.

For the original version, I cut and placed the different sound effects linearly on one layer, which made the transitions sound very abrupt.

For the revised version, I made layers of the same sound with different volume to make it seem more seamless.  I think it turned out great for a beginner… 😉

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