Making of AMCX Radio Show: Crime Report Part 1

Our team’s main idea was to run a political debate between Bagman, Allygator, and Handgela (I could not track down this video), since one of our team-mates IS the one and only, awesome Allygator herself! We also decided that including a crime update of Kim Droom’s investigation into Emre5807 would round out the show very well.

I suggested to my team (Annie and Rachel) that Norm could be a great addition to our show as well, since I was familiar with Norm’s sense of humor and his fantastic voice from other work he’s done in DS106.  Since Annie and Rachel was going to work on the political debate and the commercials, I volunteered to take the crime report segment by doing an interview with Kim Droom and also work with Norm to come up with something interesting to add.

One of the ideas was to include a weather report by Norm at the end of our show.  After thinking about it, however, I thought it would be great for him to play a part in the Kim Droom interview as a guide/guard who escorts me to Droom’s top secret underground headquarters.  Yes!! I thought.  Norm could be the “Gate Keeper” who guards the entrance to the deep dark undisclosed location from which Kim Droom works to fight cyber crimes against our online identities… Perfect!

Norm was pretty much game for anything and eager to help.  He’s just that kind of a guy.  I emailed my idea to him and initially thought we could perhaps record something together via Skype (but in hindsight, it wouldn’t have worked as well.)  That didn’t work out because my internet connection at the time was acting up, so we decided to just use Google chat on gmail to come up with a dialogue between me playing the AMCX reporter and Norm the “gate keeper.”  The dialogue flowed very smoothly, and we got it done in about ten minutes.  Here’s a copy of our chat.

I thought his idea to include snakes was brilliant!  Yam-loving snakes at that!  Hilarious!  Here’s the footage Norm recorded and sent to me that evening:

Using Garage Band, I recorded my lines using my computer’s internal mic and added the sound effects I found on  I was not completely satisfied with the mix when it was played in class, but it was good enough for a preview.  After that, I decided my voice sounded too soft and muffled, so I re-recorded my lines using my iPhone mic (which turned out to be a much more clear) and then re-adjusted the sound effects.  Here’s what I finally ended up with:


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2 Responses to Making of AMCX Radio Show: Crime Report Part 1

  1. linda says:

    Thank you, Norm!!

    Your part became one of the highlights of our show! Thank you so much for helping out!!!! #ds106 #4Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Norm Wright says:

    This is really a great story. I’m glad Linda described the process because I would never guess that the gatekeeper/reporter dialog was recorded this way. As Linda explained, we ad-libbed the dialog in text over chat. Then I recorded my part alone. I felt kind of silly saying my lines, pause, pretending the conversation is going forward, say some more lines, etc.
    I was kind of concerned that the difference in recording equipment and conditions would make the final product sound hackish or choppy. But I was blown away when Linda sent me the “first draft” and I knew then that AMCX was working on a master piece. I just got done hearing the final work. I’m honored to have been a part of it. Awesome Awesome Awesome.