A Random Urge to Design

While my thoughts were going a mile a minute on our final project idea, I had the sudden urge to design something with this concept.  I have no idea how it relates to what we talked about, but here it is:

Note:  The faint red, green, and blue colors on the balls represent RGB.

hmm… now onto ideas for the image of the human/digital brain…

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4 Responses to A Random Urge to Design

  1. Jim Groom says:

    This is a brilliant illustration that is the virtuous circle of a creative community, whatever it may be called. And for me the real takeway is the tagline, namely “Creating is 4life” —that is the best context of 4life I have seen yet. You rock!

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  3. Linda … I think your powerful design is very impressive. I like the circular path that demonstrates the power that one can gain and share within a professional learning network. Furthermore your creative display demonstrated the important message (that I always struggle with) which states “less is more”.

    Your design, together with Rowan Peter’s video on why DS106 is so great at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POyLmRgIM58 are two CREATIVE stories that showcase the energy and engaged learning that is exhibited within the DS106 community.

    Thanks for caring & sharing.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

  4. Excuse me for half a second while I let my nerd out… this is very Lord of the Rings esque.

    With that out of the way, I love this and the random urge to create something. I vote that it becomes the new default avatar for the ds106 site.