Project in[SPIRE] – The DS106 Brain

Here’s an idea for the in[SPIRE] logo:

And this is the brain idea:

The Brain:

  • The Brain has human qualities:  left brain/right brain – connected by corpus callosum that allows the two sides to interact.

  • Left brain is the technical/digital side (thinking side) – logical, organized, structured, contained.

  • Right brain is the feeling/creative side (feeling side) – wild and uncontrollable, reaching outside the boundaries.

  • The right side continually feeds the left side, and the left side makes sense of the right –> producing results.

The Four Aspects of DS106


  • What

  • How


  • Who

  • So what? – Vision/Reaching Beyond/Making a Differenc

Have you seen this on 60 Minutes?  If the Kahn Academy is the left brain, DS106 can be the right brain!! 🙂

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2 Responses to Project in[SPIRE] – The DS106 Brain

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  2. nikkapotamus says:

    I love the circuit board brain. Very brilliant. I also love your comparison to the Khan Academy!