in[SPIRE] Project is Almost Ready!!


in[SPIRE] is almost ready for launching!  You’ll be able to start submitting the DS106 work that inspired you in just a few days (I hope!).  Here’s an update on what has transpired so far:

Progress Report:

I know that our ideas have been a little bit scattered until we (with the help of Jim Groom and Alan Levine) finally came up with a plan.  They listend to our ideas and what we were trying to accomplish and suggested that we incorporate it into the main DS106 site.  Awesome!  We then went to work.

What we ended up with is slightly different from what we were imagining in the beginning, but it is much more workable, realistic, practical, and still somewhat like what we envisioned.  The brain component sort of got lost in the shuffle, but the following two ideas that made up the DS106 brain concept still remain:

  • Collective Creativity
  • Sense of Community

Rachel and I are more than happy with the results.

We decided that it should be a place where all the best work of DS106 is archived where people can go and browse through the work.  We decided that we should also have the DS106 community itself choose what work should be added to the collection.  This is where Gravity Form came into the picture.  Jim and Alan had been learning about the Gravity Form plugin and the countless ways it can be used to collect and organize data.

I remembered the e-literature piece that Rachel showed me… I had browed through the main site where the piece came from for more info. I suggested that we use that sort of a tiled portfolio format as our main page where all the best work of DS106 gets showcased.  The visitors then can click on one of the tiles and get more information about the work.  Tim Owens helped us find a theme that fits the bill, and we thought it was perfect.  It’s called Mansion by Graph Paper Press.

The Gravity Form is being used to have the visitors enter information about the work they are recommending.  The Views plugin that works in conjunction with the form can compile the data in any format, e.g. list, table, etc. for the administrators to organize and view the data.  Both plugins have so many possibilities.  I cannot go into the details of how it all works, because I myself have only learned the very very basic functions.  But trust me…it’s awesome!  Martha Burtis and Tim Owens have been gracious enough to help us with all the technical details, but some of the coding stuff is beyond my understanding (although I am determined to teach myself CSS and HTML when the semester is over).

So basically, when the site is finally ready, anyone will be able to enter the information about the work(s) that inspires them.  Each submission will become a post on its own, and the thumbnail image they upload will become a tile on the main page.  In this way, the main page will be constantly updated as new pieces get submitted.  It will truly be a collaborative collection that will be driven by the whole community. Yay!

We just have to work out some final details, such as how the posts will look when a visitor clicks on one of the tiles.  The form itself is pretty much set up, and you can go to HERE to preview what we have so far.   Some of the work that currently show up are just test images and not real submissions.

I am still thinking that there should be some sort of a voting feature, such as a “like” button that keeps track of how may people liked the work that has been submitted.

Leave your comments or suggestions below or just give us a tweet:

@linda3dots   or   @rmcguirk


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5 Responses to in[SPIRE] Project is Almost Ready!!

  1. linda says:

    WOW! haha… who knew? 🙂

  2. Alan Levine says:

    It is a beautiful thing.

    They even have a building in Australia dedicated to your idea

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  4. John says:

    Brilliant idea. I love watching how ds106 recurses, loops and eats itself.
    documenting the whole process, including the nitty-gritty from all your helpers would, I believe, be really useful to all sorts of projects.

  5. Jim Groom says:


    Excellent, and as an update from our camp here at DTLT, we just spent about an hour with Martha Burtis getting the custom view template to process all the different conditional codes from the Gravity Form. Turns out the embed code feature for WP, what is called OEmbed, won’t work through shortcodes, so Martha is programming the template in PHP, and we should have the custom template working shortly.

    What’s more, we are also fixing whenever a form is submitted the template is automatically applied to that new post. And finally, whatever submitters choose as a media type will automatically become a category. We’ll let you know when all that is done, and I wil try and work with Martha to document it so it makes some sense.