Premiere Pro Project #1

I must say, after struggling with the Premiere Pro for two days, I really like it.   It’s all pretty intuitive, I think.  I just have to keep playing with all the different tools and shortcuts.  I do like the fact that I have so much control over every inch of every frame.   So far, I’m loving this challenge.  I just wish I had more time.  Final papers, final exams, etc…  But I did manage to spend several hours playing with this today.

For my first project, I decided to make it short and just get used to some tools.  I just used the footage I took for TDC last week.   I learned how to do the following:

Import, cut clips and insert into timeline, separate audio, adjust volume, add audio transition, add video transition, add video efects, split screen, change video to black and white, add titles, use layers, add more layers, render effects, and export to cue.   Whew!  That’s a lot.   The resulting video is below.  I know.   It’s not much.  But I’m sooooo proud of it!!  Go ahead, you can roll your eyes now. 😉

I used:

  • Video Effects –>Image Control–>Black and White
  • Video Effects–>Stylize–>Posterize
  • Video Effects–>Color Correction–>Fast Color Corrector (I used this to give the last portion an evening feel.)
  • Video Effects–>Transform–>Crop
  • Video Transitions–>Dissolve–>Cross Dissolve & Dip to Black (I actually tried every transition that was available!) 🙂
  • Audio Transitions–>Cross Face–>Constant Gain & Exponential Fade

I also figured out how to export a frame as a still image by using the camera icon as you see below!  I used the still images for the black and white portions of the video. 🙂


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