Audio Assignment – My first autotune

Here it is!  I learned how to use autotune in Garage Band by watching this tutorial.  It’s not perfect, and I may have overdone the effects, making the words somewhat hard to understand, but I think it’s not bad for a beginner.  Ha!  (but don’t quote me on that.)

The Product:

I cut, copied, and pasted the original clip here, there, and everywhere and played around with various effects to make the following:

The Process:

I found a clip to use for this from the video of Jim Groom’s recent guest speech at Kansas State University. 🙂

Here’s the original clip I recorded from the video using the internal mic on my computer:
Original clip by linda3dots

I honestly cannot explain the process, because it was very, VERY messy and tedious.  But this is how my file in Garage Band looked when I got done:


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